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Registered Design

The standard specification of Aquasign® subsea markers has successfully been registered in accordance with the Registered Designs Act 1949. There are no equivalents to our Aquasign® subsea marking solution, therefore our Registered Design allows our customers to feel confident that they receive a quality, fit for purpose product, in accordance with their project specification.

An integral part of our Registered Design and way to easily recognise an Aquasign® subsea marker, is the introduction of curved corners aiding the installation process of our Biohesive® 225 sealing bead. For more information, see our KISS®self-adhesive label page.

Standard Specification

Aquasign® underwater labels are produced to our customer’s unique project requirements in accordance with any BOMs, Drawings or specification documents supplied. However, certain characteristics are supplied as standard unless otherwise specified:

  • Thickness: 3mm – 60 Year Anti-Fouling Performance Guarantee
  • Background Colour: Solis® UV-Stable, Signal Yellow
  • Fixing SolutionKISS® Self-Adhesive Labels
  • Character Colour: Black
  • Font: Helvetica Bold
  • Borders: 10 / 15 / 25mm
  • Corners: Curved 8mm Radius
  • Character Depth: 80 Microns*
  • Density: Neutral Buoyancy

* thicker characters are also available upon request

Text Sizes

The smallest character height that can be achieved with Aquasign® subsea markers is 10mm. However, in accordance with BS EN ISO 13628-1:1999 “Petroleum of natural gas industries – Design and operation of subsea production systems” the minimum recommended text size is 35mm as shown below.

Location Recommended Character Size
Platform Jacket 170-500mm
Manifold / Template – Orientation 100-150mm
Manifold / Template – Valve 35-150mm
Tree – Orientation 100-150mm
Tree – Valve / Dial 35-150mm


Bespoke Design

Our silicone based anti-fouling marking systems are flexible, in both design and the fixing solutions available. Manufactured in-house, our subsea markers can be supplied in various colours, sizes and designs – including your company logo!

AQUASIGN recently invested in new cutting technology that also allows us to produce markers of almost any shape, including complete ROV panels – improving the installation process and anti-fouling properties.

Our largest mould used to manufacture Aquasign® markers is 2450mm wide and 990mm high, however for larger requirements the marker can be supplied as multiple components with pre-defined cut lines.

Further information about our specific product designs is available from our Knowledge Hub below where videos and installation guides are available. Our Client Portal features testing reports and more technical papers – click here to register and access all of the information.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your project requirements in more detail, contact us and one of our expert team will be happy to help.

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