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Aquasign® is our anti-fouling subsea marking system, providing highly-visible identification, orientation and position markings for all types of subsea assets. Our markers are unique and are employed worldwide to ensure the clear identification of;

  • Structures and Structure Orientation
  • Component and Intervention Interfaces
  • Status of Subsea Equipment

Aquasign® is a non-toxic subsea labeling solution that guarantees performance for 60 years, and is used to offer high-visibility of asset identification markings throughout the project lifespan, assisting with the hook-up of operations, intervention, inspections and maintenance.

The subsea marker’s anti-fouling performance not only enhances safety but also provides considerable operational cost savings over a project lifespan, by helping divers and ROVs quickly locate and identify subsea equipment.

Aquasign® boasts an extensive track record having been installed on over 800 projects worldwide, as well as being extensively prequalified for subsea use.

Aquasign®, KISS®, Solis® Seamark® and Biohesive® 225 are trademarks for proprietary products that are unique, exclusively manufactured and supplied by AQUASIGN. There are no equivalents to Aquasign® subsea markers.

The Subsea Markers section of the website offers you more information about our Aquasign® anti-fouling marker’s key features and the fixing solutions available.

In addition, a technical overview of this range is also available within our exclusive Client Portal, including full details on our test programs and downloadable pre qualification reports click here to register.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your project requirements in more detail, contact us and one of our expert team will be happy to help.