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KISS® is our patented standard fixing specification of Aquasign® subsea markers for epoxy coated as well as many plastic substrates – see our Substrate Guide for more details.

This two-part adhesive system utilizes a high-performance solvent-free adhesive tape, combined with our single component silicone sealant – Biohesive® 225.

By removing the requirement to apply adhesive to the back of the marker, KISS® significantly reduces installation times with its quick and efficient PEEL, STICK & SEAL method. Watch our Installation Video on the image carousel to the right!

Biohesive® 225 is an essential component in the installation process, as it creates a water-tight seal between the marker and the substrate. Our latest innovation of 8mm curved corners as part of our Registered Design, helps ensure a complete bond by allowing the adhesive bead to be easily smoothed to the marker edges.

Our self-adhesive subsea labels maintain the flexibility of the silicone Aquasign® marker, therefore is suitable for most applications including tubulars. For customers who require a mechanical solution, KISS® underwater markers can also be supplied with bolt holes and nylon washers.

Our lead time for Aquasign-KISS® underwater labels is as little as 2 working days!

The KISS® subsea marking system has shown excellent resistance to natural ageing (UV, weathering and salt mist) and offers adhesion over a wide temperate range (-40°C to 110°C).

KISS® has also undergone extensive third-party testing including Pressure, Vibration and Slam Loading. Technical Reports are available from within our Client Portal – click here to register.

In addition, our Client Portal features a Download Area where you can use the search function to view all KISS® documents, including Fully Illustrated Installation Procedures, Removal Guides, Installation Record Sheets, Multilingual Installation Videos and Safety Datasheets.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your project requirements in more detail, contact us to speak to our of our expert team.


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