High-performance structural adhesive - AQUAHESIVE 5836

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In addition to our Magnet and Spring Clip retrofit solutions available, our high-performance structural adhesive AquahesiveTM 5836 can also be used in applications where an underwater adhesive bond is required.

Aquahesive™ 5836 is a two component polyurethane adhesive. Supplied with the curative in a ready to mix form, Aquahesive™ has a long pot life making it ideal for retrofit installations by diver.

AquahesiveTM 5836 has a pot life of approximately 30-60 minutes once subsea and moisture cures within 24 hours, therefore suitable for shallow-water applications.

The pot life and cure times however are an estimate only and can vary depending on the ambient conditions. For example, in colder water temperatures the pot life and cure time will be longer, however AquahesiveTM will provide enough adhesion to the substrate immediately after application without any concern of movement.

Research has shown Aquahesive™ to provide good adhesive strength to epoxy-coated steel, as well other steels and plastics – see our Adhesive Substrate Guide for further information.


Based on in-house testing and feedback, the two components of AquahesiveTM 5836 must be mixed topside, however there are two options for applying the adhesive;

  1. Mix and apply AquahesiveTM to the substrate topside prior to deployment subsea.
  2. Once the two components of AquahesiveTM are mixed topside, the diver lowers the adhesive container to the site and applies the adhesive directly onto the substrate underwater

Both options have been tested internally and were successful in achieving a strong bond to the substrate as an underwater adhesive solution. A spatula and spreading tool will be provided as part of the AquahesiveTM kit to ensure an even coverage.

Our Retrofit Adhesive solution has been used on various projects in the North Sea.

Other retrofit options for our Aquasign® subsea identification markers are;

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your project requirements in more detail,  contact us and one of our expert team will be happy to help.

Further information about adhesives is available from our Knowledge Hub below where videos and installation guides are available. Our Client Portal features testing and more technical reports – click here to register.


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