Aquahesive™ 5836 is supplied in 1kg kits.  It is recommended that both components are mixed together completely to form a workable paste.

Pot life varies depending on environmental conditions, further details together with storage instructions can be found in our datasheet

It is more rigid in nature than Biohesive and can also be applied underwater – learn more from our retrofit section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Aquahesive can be used in very hot and very cold temperatures, and in environments with high levels of humidity. But while it’s being mixed, it needs moderate temperatures (minimum temperature of 10°C) and humidity levels of less than 65%.

Full cure is dependant on environmental conditions, although we recommend 24hours for full cure.

Download our Datasheet for information

Yes, when installed per our instructions Aquahesive is guaranteed to perform for up to 60 years.

We’ve got plenty of resources available to help.  Watch our installation video here.

In our Downloads Area, you’ll find fully illustrated quick fixing guides to help you make sure you’re installing and sealing our two-step adhesive markers correctly.

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