Retrofit Spring Clip

Spring Clip

Our Spring Clip solution whilst not restricted to, has been engineered for ROV installation of Aquasign® underwater markers onto tubular applications.

The robust ShieldTM polycarbonate frames are produced in-house specific to pipe diameters and equipment marking requirements. The neoprene lining is used to ensure correct fit and optimum tension is achieved.

Aquasign® underwater identification markers are adhesively bonded to the rigid top plate of the Spring Clip design. To install subsea, the ROV pushes the Spring Clip over the substrate, and the inner liner grips the assembly into position ensuring no radial movement.

For optimal security, a rare-earth magnet can also be incorporated into the design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our spring clip fixings are actually designed to make life easier for ROV installations. But, that’s not to say that they can’t also be installed by divers. 

To install Aquasign markers fitted to spring clip fixings – the ROV or diver simply push the clip down over the section it’s being installed on. The clip will expand and, once in place, contract to ensure a tight fit.

No, the great benefit of producing these using our Shield polycarbonate design means we can create small unique bespoke items for single use projects.

However alternative manufacturing techniques such as casting PU can be used to achieve efficiencies for larger volumes.

This information is critical to the design of a Spring Clip fitting as the assembly needs to sit snug to the pipe.  Although additional neoprene layers can be added it is recommended that the most accurate information is provided.

Alternatively curved brackets complete with magnets can be used or a strapped solution – contact us to discuss your projects and the options available in more detail.

The neoprene layer will provide sufficient protection to ensure the clip remains in place.  However additional bolts or magnets can be used if deemed necessary by project or environmental conditions.

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