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Welcome to our news section where we blog about what’s been happening in the subsea industry. At AQUASIGN we want to provide you with useful information for future topside and subsea projects, and tell you what’s been going on within the company.


17 February 2015 – No Comments

AQUASIGN’s cutting technology allows us to produce a variety of shapes effortlessly from simple indicator discs to complex ROV panels.
Our standard fixing solution KISS® (KEEP IT SIMPLE, SEAL) is a revolutionary self-adhesive tape designed to improve the consistency of adhesive application when installing markers.

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Don’t put a Price on Safety

17 February 2015 – No Comments

As a result of the declining oil price, companies worldwide are under severe pressure to engage in strict cost saving measures to survive. However, in this industry reducing costs without sacrificing workplace safety proves to be a challenge.

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Sealed With a KISS

14 February 2015 – No Comments

Introducing KISS®. Yet another clever innovation from AQUASIGN. ‘KEEP IT SIMPLE, SEAL’

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11 October 2014 – No Comments

Aquaplates are our range of precision water-cut signage, superseding traditional flame-cut solutions! The range is suitable for both topside and underwater applications, bespoke manufactured in-house to meet individual project requirements.

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AQUASIGN’s Client Portal

10 October 2014 – No Comments

INTRODUCING THE NEW AQUASIGN CLIENT PORTAL! We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website, offering visitors exclusive access to the new Client Portal! The restricted area of the website has been developed to showcase AQUASIGN’s expertise in subsea identification, both to new and existing clients!

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Lunch and Learn with AQUASIGN

9 October 2014 – No Comments

The client portal is a fantastic tool to review the AQUASIGN product portfolio, and discover why we are the market leaders of subsea markers. Like what you’ve seen? Well let’s do lunch!

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Installation Videos on YouTube

8 October 2014 – No Comments

As a result of customer feedback, Aquasign have developed 4 new installation videos available to view on YouTube! Watch our very own Dominick Moore provide step by step illustrations of how to correctly install Aquasign® subsea markers using our most popular fixing methods. The videos available include each of our adhesive solutions; KISS® Self Adhesive,

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Call For ROV Partner

7 October 2014 – No Comments

AQUASIGN are currently looking to team up with a ROV partner to develop our innovative solutions! We continually look to improve our identification solutions through research and development, and are now seeking a ROV specialist with in-house testing facilities. Our subsea solutions are extensively tested before launch as we pride ourselves with qualified products. Our

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Subsea Marker Designed to Mimic Fish Skin

6 October 2014 – No Comments

Aquasign® anti-fouling subsea markers are our core-business and the premium asset identification solution in the industry! We offer the market leading solution as we boast a completely unique design. Our markers have a hydrophobic face with a surface energy that prevents settlement at the lowest level of fouling. Additionally, the markers secrete non-toxic proprietary oils

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AQUASIGN: Facts, Trademarks and History

17 February 2010 – No Comments

There is only one Aquasign® anti-fouling marker system and it’s supplied by AQUASIGN. For many years AQUASIGN has sold the proprietary product line – Aquasign® anti-fouling markers. We hope the following statements provide clarity; Aquasign® is a registered trademark owned by AQUASIGN and no other company has been granted a right to supply Aquasign® markers with the exception of appointed agents detailed on our website.

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