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Welcome to our news section where we blog about what’s been happening in the subsea industry. At AQUASIGN we want to provide you with useful information for future topside and subsea projects, and tell you what’s been going on within the company.

How long does Aquasign take to make and deliver?

10 January 2019 – No Comments

Think Aquasign takes longer to make than other subsea markers? Think again! Here’s our answer to this FAQ “How long does Aquasign take to make and deliver?”

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The best subsea markers for the North West Shelf region

20 December 2018 – No Comments

The North West Shelf of Western Australia is gas and oil well central, packed with a multitude of production areas, pipelines and support facilities. And where there are subsea facilities, you know there are going to be a lot of subsea markers. But what are the best subsea markers for the North West Shelf region?

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Anti-fouling Subsea Markers vs. Paint – An Honest Comparison

13 December 2018 – No Comments

Still on the fence about using Aquasign? Here’s an honest comparison of our anti-fouling subsea markers vs paint, to help you make the right decision.

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Aquasign Pricing: How much does Aquasign cost?

29 November 2018 – No Comments

Want to know “how much does Aquasign cost and why?”. This article helps explain the cost vs. value, compared to other traditional subsea markers.

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What is Aquasign made of (and why does that matter)?

8 November 2018 – No Comments

Every brand wants to believe the product they’re selling is unique, different and unrivaled by its competitors. At least, that’s what they want you – the customer – to believe. Here at AQUASIGN, we’re able to put our money where our mouth is.  Aquasign subsea marker systems are completely unique and we’re happy to tell

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Can Aquasign be applied and fixed underwater?

25 October 2018 – No Comments

Can I apply and fix an Aquasign underwater? You might have noticed that we recommend installing Aquasign pre-deployment: it’s the easiest, driest way to do things. But what happens if your asset’s already subsea? Can you still install Aquasign? And what happens if you need to fix it underwater? Fear not – we’ve got the

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How To Install An Aquasign Product

11 October 2018 – No Comments

A clear and comprehensive guide in answer to one of our most frequently asked questions: “How do you install an Aquasign?”.

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What’s The Best Signage Solution For Your Subsea Equipment?

23 August 2018 – No Comments

Clear long-term identification of subsea equipment is essential to aid diver and ROV programs whether these be scheduled maintenance and inspection or further exploration or hook-up projects. Being able to identify specific equipment, locations and status enhances safety by ensuring the information provided at surface from historical data etc. is correct before any intervention work

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4 Reasons You Can Trust Aquasign Subsea Markers in the Harshest of Environments

18 July 2018 – No Comments

Marine bio-fouling is the undesirable accretion of biological organisms such as bacteria, algae, plant and animal colonies on artificial surfaces immersed in sea-water. Subsea assets will be immersed in water for a considerable length of time and the amount of marine bio-fouling that takes place, is dependent on the type of waters into which the

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UV Stable Subsea Markers

27 June 2018 – No Comments

In previous articles we have discussed the importance of having environmentally friendly, anti-fouling, subsea markers that ensure the long term identification of subsea assets.  In this article we discuss how AQUASIGN ensure that the colour contrast of our subsea markers remain highly visible throughout the lifespan of the project. Aquasign® markers are highly visible and

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