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Welcome to our news section where we blog about what’s been happening in the subsea industry. At AQUASIGN we want to provide you with useful information for future topside and subsea projects, and tell you what’s been going on within the company.

Achieve Huge Savings By Switching To Biohesive® 225

16 January 2018 – No Comments

Money saving strategies have always been prevalent for any oilfield project, and never more so than in the current market climate. AQUASIGN pride ourselves on being market ready with our products, and while developing our one part, silicone offshore adhesive – Biohesive® 225 – money saving and multiuse were two criteria at the top of

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Its Here: Our Harsh Environment Multi-Purpose Adhesive

16 January 2018 – No Comments

Biohesive® 225 is our hero oilfield adhesive which can be used on a wide variety of substrates.  The diversity of equipment utilised in the oil and gas industry means that there is a requirement for fixing, bonding and sealing, resulting in a huge number of adhesive options available. Some of which are being selected without

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Oilfield Signage: Types and Materials

16 January 2018 – No Comments

In addition to our unique anti-fouling marker range, our industry experience and in-house manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer a wide range of industrial custom signage. Over the years we have worked with companies that need a mixture of long lasting and short term signage, for both topside and subsea applications. As a trusted supplier

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Why Are Oil and Gas Trees Called Christmas Trees?

15 December 2017 – No Comments

The ‘Christmas’ or ‘XMAS’ tree can be used both on the surface or subsea in oil and gas operations. Since the 1950s, subsea trees have been topping underwater wellheads to control oil and gas flow to the surface. To find out more about the AQUASIGN fixing recommendations for trees both onshore and offshore please visit

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The Need for Oilfield Signage

13 December 2017 – No Comments

The purpose of oilfield signage is to provide clear and concise instructions, information as well process and product identification to an industry where health and safety is critical. Signage may be seen to some as an add on or afterthought. Even in everyday life you may see a tired looking ‘no parking’ sign written in

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How to Use Biohesive 225® – 10 Steps

11 December 2017 – No Comments

Biohesive 225® is our hero offshore adhesive. Alongside creating useful, industry leading products, we like to make sure that installing our products is very simple. Biohesive 225® provides a long-term bonding solution for a wide a variety of substrates.  One of our key focuses and drivers is ease of installation. So, what have we got

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Anti-Fouling Subsea Markings: Then and Now

4 December 2017 – No Comments

Subsea signage, subsea markings, underwater identification…name them what you wish, but when it comes to it, signage is as important to subsea safety as common road signs are to motorists. There can be numerous tree’s, manifolds and supporting hardware underneath one single oil platform: how can each template be identified? Keeping tags on equipment, what

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AQUASIGN Successfully Transitions to New 2015 Versions of ISO 9001 and 14001

27 November 2017 – No Comments

AQUASIGN completed the smooth transition to the new ISO 9001 quality standard and ISO 14001 environmental standard earlier this month, with no Non Conformance Reports (NCR’s) raised highlighting any issues. With the previous ISO 9001 standard last revised in 2008,  AQUASIGN and many other companies in the Oil and Gas sector now must be audited

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Biofouling: Not a Load of Barnacles

16 November 2017 – No Comments

Biofouling or ‘biological fouling’ is the accumulation of microorganisms, plants, algae, or animals on wetted surfaces. The offshore oil and gas industry provides a multitude of different assets underwater for these organisms to grow on, but why do they become an issue? Additional weight load and drag. FPSO’s boat hulls can become covered in biofouling

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10 Reasons Why Biohesive 225® Is The Ideal Offshore Adhesive

8 November 2017 – No Comments

When it comes to selecting an appropriate adhesive, it can often become a difficult decision-making process. Finding an adhesive which is proven to perform long-term, in harsh salt laden offshore and subsea environments might be the first in your list of ideals. You might need an adhesive to go the extra mile and perform on

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