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Welcome to our news section where we blog about what’s been happening in the subsea industry. At AQUASIGN we want to provide you with useful information for future topside and subsea projects, and tell you what’s been going on within the company.

Is Aquasign suitable for use on offshore manifolds?

9 May 2019 – No Comments

Can I use Aquasign on my offshore manifolds? Here at AQUASIGN, we keep a close eye on the kinds of questions that bring visitors to our website. And we’ve noticed a lot of you are searching for information on signage for your offshore manifolds. We’re always happy to give you the information you need to

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Can Aquasign be used topside?

18 April 2019 – No Comments

My asset is not underwater… can I still use Aquasign? One question we get asked from time to time is this: “Aquasign is great for subsea use, but can your smart silicone signage also be used topside?”. If you’re after a very simple answer, then yes: Aquasign’s fine for topside use. But there’s a lot

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Should your subsea signage be fluorescent?

4 April 2019 – No Comments

Do you need to use fluorescent signage for underwater projects? OK, so you’re in the middle of your project planning phase and the specification calls for fluorescent subsea signage. You’re going to go ahead and choose fluorescent markers, right? Wrong! Read on to find out why your subsea signage doesn’t actually need to be fluorescent

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Who needs deepwater signage anyway?

21 March 2019 – No Comments

Do you really need deepwater signage? Mermaids, the Kraken, the Bermuda Triangle: if there’s one thing the ocean is full of (other than water), it’s myths. And one of the most pervasive myths we see around here is this: that you don’t need identification markers on assets situated in deepwater. OK, so it’s not quite

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Custom subsea markers: not a problem at AQUASIGN

7 March 2019 – No Comments

Looking for something different to your standard subsea markers? When you think of Aquasign (and we know you do!), the first thing that will pop into your head will be our little black-and-yellow square signs. But did you also know that Aquasign is available in a range of specifications? There’s a lot more to our

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Understanding AQUASIGN’s product guarantee (the facts)

21 February 2019 – No Comments

Aquasign comes with a 60-year product guarantee, but only if you’ve installed it correctly. Here’s what you need to know…

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Four good reasons to include asset identification on your project

7 February 2019 – No Comments

Subsea asset identification should be a central part of your project. And if you can’t see why then this post is for you! Here are the 4 key reasons…

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Subsea markers: what standard testing should you look for?

24 January 2019 – No Comments

You’re in the middle of your the procurement process and your asset needs subsea identification markers. How do you make sure you’re choosing the right ones? At the end of the day, it’s about performance and compliance. Can the marker system deliver everything you need while keeping you compliant with all the relevant legislation? In

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How long does Aquasign take to make and deliver?

10 January 2019 – No Comments

If you’re not familiar with Aquasign, one of the things that might put you off purchasing our anti-fouling subsea markers may be the idea that you’re going to need to order it way in advance of your project. Smart silicone, right? That has to take some serious time to process? Well, not as long as

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The best subsea markers for the North West Shelf region

20 December 2018 – No Comments

The North West Shelf of Western Australia is gas and oil well central, packed with a multitude of production areas, pipelines and support facilities. And where there are subsea facilities, you know there are going to be a lot of subsea markers. But what are the best subsea markers for the North West Shelf region?

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