Aquasign Applications – Manifolds


Aquasign® is a non-toxic subsea labelling solution that guarantees performance for 60 years, extending the life of the product and minimising operator risk.

Manifolds are large chambers which branch off into several openings where the valves are housed. There are three types of manifolds:

  • Template
  • Cluster
  • PLEM: pipeline end manifold

Typical Substrates

Manifolds have several different areas which divers and ROV’s need to be able to identify. Orientation, identification and positional markings are needed; therefore, the attaching substrates can vary between outer tubulars, flat panels and grated roofs.

Typical Marker Design

Whilst there are limited industry standards specific to subsea indentification, typical text heigts are provided below:

  • Orientation (name/side) 100-200mm
  • Identification (valve no.s) 50-150mm
  • Positioning (open/closed) 15-100mm

Learn about the design features of our subsea markers by visiting our design page.

Fixing Recommendations – ONSHORE

For installation on the surface, prior to deployment, AQUASIGN offer fixings suitable for a variety of surfaces:

Coated Steel: KISS*/Bolted / Uncoated Steel: Aquahesive*

Tubulars: KISS*/ Strapped / Grated: Shield

*Recommendations are made on the attaching surface, visit our Knowledge Hub for our Substrate Guide for further details.

Fixing Recommendations – OFFSHORE

Offshore or ‘retrofit’ solutions will be dependent on project location and installation method i.e.:

Diver: Magnet*/ Subsea Adhesive  / Shield™  / Spring Clip**  / ROV: Magnet* / Spring Clip**

*Magnet use is dependent on size/space available

**Spring Clips can be used on tubulars only

There is always a fixing solution for any Aquasign which we make for our clients, and we like to share our solutions and Guides with our customers in our learning centre.   

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your project requirements in more detail,  contact us and one of our expert team will be happy to help.

A Danish buyer in for the Troll project in Norway gave us a review of how easy the guides are to use for installing his Aquasign product: 

‘We are overall satisfied with the quality of products delivered, and the strapped Aquasign® markers were very easy to use during installation using the Quick Fixing Guide supplied. Overall, I believe Aquasign® marker’s key features benefited the project and I would recommend them as a partner in future.’


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