Specifying Aquasign® Made Easy

Do you require a long-term and guaranteed anti-fouling identification system for your subsea equipment?

Look no further, Aquasign® is the premium underwater labelling solution, and we’ve introduced new documents to help make specifying them as easy as possible!

  • Subsea Markers Pre-Qualification – outlines current industry standards and best practices for specifying a fit for purpose subsea identification system, to ensure the solution selected during tendering can withstand typical transportation, storage, deployment and subsea environmental conditions, to meet the end client’s technical requirements. For example, weathering, visibility, cathodic protection, vibration, slam loading and more.
  • Specifying Aquasign® – provides a technical overview of our Aquasign® anti-fouling labels and accessories, collating all the necessary information required to specify our unique silicone oil-exuding marking system. Designed to assist our customers during the development of BOMs and drawings, including recommending wording. The sections include anti-fouling properties, fixing solutions, design, tolerances, preservation and more.

Both of these new guidance documents can be viewed and saved from our Download Area within the Client Portal section of the website. Simply sign-in or complete the short registration form.

By registering to the Client Portal, you will also gain access to the Technical and Track Record sections of our website.  Supporting documents are also available to download, such as full test reports, fouling reviews, datasheets, installation guides as well as our supporting videos!

AQUASIGN have worked with operators worldwide to set the industry standard to ensure a fit for purpose anti-fouling labelling system is specified – enhancing subsea safety, minimizing risk and reducing long-term operating costs!

If you have any queries, contact our Sales Team at solutions@aquasign.com or on +44 1224 897060!

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