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Our standard colour specification of Aquasign® underwater markers is Solis®, our UV-Stable range.

Historically, Aquasign® subsea markers were manufactured using fluorescent dyes that would fade when exposed to direct sunlight (AltusTM range). Although the anti-fouling properties of the underwater label would remain the same, visibility subsea would be less effective.

Therefore, following completion of a successful research and development program, our Solis® specification was introduced utilizing Signal Yellow dyes. The testing showed that the dyes used for Solis® do not fade when exposed to UV rays, and offered the same guaranteed high-visibility, quality and longevity as our traditional fluorescent range.

Our Solis® range is also included in our Aquasign® Performance Guarantee, with a two-year warranty from date of delivery that the colourants will not fade in direct sunlight exposure.

Protective covers are supplied with Solis® markers to ensure the surface remains clean, however can be removed at any time once installed without the risk of fading.

Further information on the Weathering and Visibility testing of Aquasign® underwater labels is available from the Technical section of our exclusive Client Portal – click here to register.

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