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Aquasign® underwater markers are the premium solution on the market today, offering a long-term performance guarantee that covers our innovative fixing solutions, UV-stability as well as exceptional anti-fouling technology.

Aquasign® subsea markers offer a 60* year performance guarantee to cover:

  • Anti-fouling performance throughout the structure’s design life
  • Long-term fixing security of the panels to the structure

*Lifespan can be increased if necessary e.g. 8mm = 80 years 

AQUASIGN are confident that our subsea marker systems and related accessories meet our client’s high quality standards. Our products have been designed and engineered from the ground up and vigorously tested to work consistently and reliably globally.

Aquasign® markers do not require cleaning due to its unique anti-fouling technology, and have been tested to determine their tolerance to jet wash systems used to clean the surrounding equipment.

As Aquasign® identification markers are silicone based they can be prone to damage if excessive force is used, therefore guidance notes have been made available to download from the Client Portal.  For enhanced damage tolerance, see our ShieldTM II polycarbonate protection frames.

Further information on the prequalification of Aquasign® subsea labels is available from the Technical section of the Client Portal, as well as a copy of our Performance Guarantee.

Alternatively, use the blue menu at the bottom of the page to see more of Aquasign® subsea marker’s Key Features and the Fixing Solutions available.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your project requirements in more detail, to contact us please email and we’ll be in touch!