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Anti Fouling

Marine bio-fouling is the undesirable accretion of biological organisms such as bacteria, algae, plant and animal colonies on artificial surfaces immersed in sea-water. There are over 4,000 species worldwide, and marine bio-fouling communities will begin to grow on substrates immediately upon submersion.

Marine growth has huge commercial significance in the industry and can have a number of effects on offshore installations such as obscuration and corrosion of structures and orientation signs.

The original Aquasign® design was created to mimic the natural technology of fish skin, incorporating proprietary oils which bleed to the subsea marker’s surface. The self-renewing oils ensure an extremely slippery surface at all times, thus preventing fouling from adhering and allow us to offer a 60-year guarantee.

In conjunction with the oil-release system, each Aquasign® underwater label has a hydrophobic surface which makes it extremely difficult for marine organisms to attach and a low surface energy that enhances the anti-fouling properties.

The anti-fouling technology in Aquasign® identification systems is completely unique.

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