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This retrofit solution offers easy installation for both divers and ROVs providing a quick and effective method of rectifying incorrect or missed subsea identification markers.

The Aquasign® subsea marker are supplied encased with our ShieldTM II polycarbonate frames, which also houses 45 MGOe permanent rare-earth magnets.

The ShieldTM design is completely customizable and can include a handles or anchor points specific to ROV tooling, making it a suitable fixing for all applications, including Deepwater.

The size of rare-earth magnets stocked is 60x130x150mm, which each have a holding force in excess of 100lbs. Typical polycarbonate thicknesses available are 8 and 25mm.

Underwater Magnets can also be used for inspection point marking, ensuring monitoring and testing can be done in the same place quickly and efficiently with clear identification.

Other retrofit options for our Aquasign® underwater identification solutions are;

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