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Appropriately marking equipment, products and premises is critical to promote a safe and efficient working environment. Utilising our extensive in-house manufacturing facility, our experienced technicians work with industry approved materials, CAD software and innovative equipment to produce a range of quality industrial signage and certification nameplates suitable for long-term or temporary requirements, surface to seabed.

Our stock materials used to produce oilfield nameplates include coated and uncoated steels, nylon, ABS and exterior plastic in a range of colours and thicknesses. The process used is subject to the application and lifetime requirements;

  • Milled Plates: This process is typically used to produce parts that are not axially symmetric, and requires more complex cutting such as holes, drilling, pockets or three dimensional surface contours. Milling offers a range of surface finishes and high tolerance; therefore it is ideal when adding precision features.
  • Chemical Etching: Industrial etching is our most used process for metal substrates, offering a robust, long-term identification solution. Chemically etched nameplates is the process of using chemicals to dissolve proportions of a material to create a specific design, creating a smooth precise finish that will remain long-term despite weathering. Coloured paints can be used to in-fill a design, such as add corporate logos.
  • Rotary Engrave: this engraving process uses a cutter in a motorised spindle to carve grooves and characters, most commonly onto rigid, exterior or flexible laminates. This is a cost-effective solution; as plastic signs are more suitable for short-term requirements. These plastic nameplates are customisable in design, thickness and colour to suit every requirement. We can also manufacture multi-coloured laminate nameplates, utilising multiple sheets and bonding with our tried and tested subsea adhesives.
  • Screen Printing: printed signs are available for less-permanent requirements as a cost-effective solution. Our printing process utilises environmentally friendly solvent free inks to print a quality precise design in multiple colours on top of metals, plastics or vinyl.

All our offshore signs are manufactured bespoke, including the fixing solution therefore can be supplied with bolt holes, cable tie slots or using our high-performance adhesives approved for long-term subsea applications!

Leads times are dependent on the process and volumes, however typically can be manufactured within 5 working days.

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